We’re firm believers one size does not fit all, and that’s the beauty behind what we do and why we offer tailored solutions just for you. Explore our services, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, send us a message.


Branding Development


Define and position your brand through creative strategy. Develop the aesthetic look and feel of your business coupled with unique messaging to create the desired experience for your customers.

Design Inspiration
Strategy Session
Branding Guidebook
Custom Logo Design
Mood board
Brand Style Guide
Color Palette
Pattern & Texture
Icons & Elements
Branded Collateral
Deliverable Files

Website Design


Make sure your new brand’s web presence stands out, looks the part, drives traffic, and ultimately, gets the results that you want! Combining strategy and style, we create custom websites to meet your needs.

Vision & Strategy Development
WordPress Websites
Squarespace Websites
Shopify Websites
Custom CSS & Html Coding
Premium Plugins & Features
Private Website Hosting
Web Maintenance & Security
Domain Connection & Management
Fully Responsive Design
Mobile Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Graphic & Print Design

Look the part and grow your brand. We create a cohesive identity for all of your printed and digital media solutions, including professional documents, printed marketing collateral, and promotional items.


Custom Logo Design
Business Card
Service Menu
Media Kits
Large Prints
Custom Ad Design
Branded Marketing Collateral
Product Packaging Design
Product Visual Design Mock-up
File Recreation
Deliverable Files

Social Media & Marketing

Whether you are looking for help with post design or seeking ongoing account management and scheduled postings on your behalf, we offer services to meet your needs and the demands of your customers.


Integrated Marketing Plan Development
Marketing Campaign Development
Social Media Account Management
Custom Social Media Plan & Calendar
Monthly Retainer Service
Content Creation & Curation
E-mail Marketing Campaign
Search Engine Optimization
Reporting & Analytics
Google Adwords
Exposure & Audience Engagement
Paid Advertising

Design Packages


Branding Development Package
Website Design Package
Social Media & Marketing Package
Branding, Web, & Social Media Package


Our Process


Time to talk! You speak, and we listen. We will guide you through our consultation process, answer your questions, and share our recommendations with you. We will determine your design needs and develop a strategy that aligns with your vision and goals.


We will bring your ideas to life! You give us creative rein to develop exceptional, original designs made just for you. We will then present you with different options and endless possibilities.


Choose a winning design! You will select your favorite design or elements and will be receptive to your feedback. We will play with variations and fine-tune until we have a winning design that you are proud to call your own.


Share your project with the world, loud and proud! We will develop cohesive, beautifully designed, print and digital marketing collateral and promotional materials just for you. We will help you identify your marketing goals and then develop an integrated marketing plan and dynamic social media campaigns to achieve them.

Recommended Packages

From a package to help get you started by focusing on your logo, to a completely fresh look from head-to-toe. From start-up to a company rebrand, we got you covered.

Investment Starting at: based on client needs

Branding Development Package

“No one is going to understand your brand better than you.” -Alexander Wang

What is branding development?
If branding had human characteristics, it would be someone’s personality and physical appearance. It would basically be everything that makes that person who they are. Every company, person, or blog should have a branding in place first before going any further.

1 / Logo

  • 3-5 logo variations

  • Pick 2 variations to develop further (adjust colors, typefaces, orientations, and or other design appearances)

  • Decide on 1 final logo to take into the style guide

2 / Collective Pinterest Board + Mood Board

  • Based on the needs of the brand, we will share a branding board on Pinterest to keep all of our ideas in sync

  • We can also bring existing forms of media into the mood board (older logos, ads, and or other inspiration)

  • The overall brand board acts as a master branding guide and then eventually graduates into the Style Guide

3 / Style Guide

  • Name main typeface and colors based on main logo to keep branding in place in the future

  • Name supporting colors and typefaces for use on secondary design elements

  • We can use textures and or mood images based on the brand

  • The style guide is basically the final master branding guide that extends to other branding elements that will used in the future of the brand

4 / Files

  • Various file sizes (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. file sizes.)

  • JPGs, PNGs (transparent background), and high resolution PDF for print

  • We keep all files safe

Investment Starting at: based on client needs

Website Design Package

“A website is a living thing. The day your new site goes live, is just the start.” -Unknown

What is website design?
What we define web design as is your online presence to each and everyone looking to interact with you. To simplify, web design is your website and how it looks and functions. What your website looks like can also work as a reverse branding element in your company. We have had projects that started in the web phase and spread to other branding elements like signage, graphic design elements, and refining of the logo.

1 / Before We Begin

  • Decide the platform (WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Tumblr, or other platforms)

  • We prefer WordPress sites for our clients because it allows the most customization and security available but we also understand other platforms are sometimes necessary

  • Everything below is regarding WordPress websites

2 / Hosting + Ongoing Maintenance

  • We will help you decide what hosting situation would work best for you

  • Some options are: purchase your own hosting plan, use a previously purchased hosting plan, or have us find and purchase a hosting plan on your behalf and based on your needs

  • Sometimes letting us host your website is the best situation for you and will also be included in a monthly/yearly maintenance plan with us to keep everything up to date

3 / Collective Pinterest Board + Mood File + Example Sites

  • Based on the project scope, we will share a branding board on Pinterest to keep all of our ideas in sync

  • We will also sometimes take your other ideas and create a shared folder that will set the mood and audience for the website to make sure we are all on the same page

  • We like to gather all overall design elements to maintain a master web design guide

4 / Website

  • 5-6 general pages (Home, about, services, projects, contact, and sometimes blog)

  • General pages can be renamed to whatever is needed and or can be altered to represent different styles of pages (ex. “projects” can be treated as a page called “gallery” instead of a large image gallery)

  • A blog isn’t always required to be used and sometimes isn’t necessary at all

  • All websites include logo integration in header and universal footer throughout all pages necessary

  • Content refers to all text, and all images needed to finish the website

  • We require the content to create a website. If content is not provided, we will use Lorem Ipsum placeholder text in place and stock images

  • Content can be provided on a page-by-page timeline

  • Any social media links must be provided to be linked from the website

  • Basic SEO provided and installed (allows for 1 keyword per page, customized page titles & meta descriptions and various SEO monitoring)

  • We offer content creation for a little more (we will help you find the right images and the right things to say, this is all discussed before we start a project)

  •  1-2 contact forms (used on the contact page and sometimes footer and or other pages)

5 / Ongoing Maintenance

  • Agree on what will be needed monthly as far as security, updates, content changes, and or other monthly or yearly needs based on the brand

Investment Starting at: based on client needs

Social Media & Marketing Package

“Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.” -Bonnie Sainsbury

What is social media, and how can we help?
Social media is how a company or brand interacts with the world via the internet. We help our clients figure out how to do this and, in most cases, we do this for our clients.

1 / Account Audit + Clean Up

  • We do a full breakdown of what needs to change for your overall look

  • We offer to clean up your website for you (based on your plan)

2 / Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • We develop a strategy that will be used for the future of the company or person’s social media presence and put it into a detailed document we can all refer to

3 / Brand Management + Implementation

  • We offer management of various social media platforms on the behalf of our clients

  • Using the marketing strategy we developed, we implement these new rules in all social areas

4 / Account Management

  • Accounts, passwords, when things expire, emails, etc. can be a lot to deal with when you are running a company. Let us worry about it for you.

5 / Social Engagement

  • We offer engagement on your behalf such as we love, like, comment, friend, unfriend, create and or delete, all on your behalf as your company

6 / Analytics + Reporting

  • We can show you exactly what is going on weekly, monthly, and or yearly and how you are growing your social media

7 / Monthly Retainer Service

  • This is the best-case scenario, as we do all steps above for you at all times

  • We offer steps 1-6 at a one-time price as well and not as a retainer

Investment Starting at: based on client needs

Branding, Web, & Social Media Package

This package is the most hands-off approach that allows you to be the most hands-on for your business. This means you don’t have to worry about your brand’s maintenance and or your social engagement. All you have to do is focus on your business.

What is this package?
This is all-inclusive where we will fulfill all aspects of your branding, website, and social media for you. This package doesn’t start with a perfect formula. Sometimes clients come to us with a logo but not a website or a social media presence, and vice versa. We will discuss which aspects of this package would be best for you if not the complete package.

1 / All steps from Branding Development Package

  • Logo

  • Collective Pinterest board & Mood Board

  • Style Guide

  • Files

2 / All steps from Website Design & Monthly Retainer

  • Before We Begin

  • Hosting & Ongoing Maintenance

  • Collective Pinterest board & Mood File & Example Sites

  • Website

  • Ongoing Maintenance

3 / All steps from Social Media & Monthly Retainer

  • Account Audit & Clean Up

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Branding Management & Implementation

  • Account Management

  • Social Engagement

  • Analytics & Reporting

  • Monthly Retainer Service

4 / What Happens Monthly

  • Based on what we are doing for you, we will give you a breakdown of what the monthly cost will be

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