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A Little About Me

Who I Am


Hi! I’m a San Diego based graphic designer with over seven years of experience creating and implementing multimedia solutions for a variety of high-profile businesses and individual clientele.

I earned my degree from San Diego State University, where I also minored in psychology, during which I gained the necessary skills of understanding the impact of color schemes and design on the human mind.

With a proven track record of success, I can implement designs and incorporate them into marketing campaigns to capture audiences attention and to persuade individual clients visually to take my advocated action. I have ample knowledge of Adobe Master Suite CC: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, which enables me to create professional, creative solutions for email, direct mail, print media, web design, and other marketing communications.

With a strong background in sales and customer relations as an Expert for Apple, Inc., I have the ability to work diligently at solving problems and appeasing customer concerns. My interpersonal skills carry over into this role as a graphic designer in that I can comprehend a client’s needs and execute designs that exceed their expectations.

- Justin Abercrombie

The Skills I Possess

Skills & Knowledge

Web Design

With ample knowledge of the latest trends, your site will be the most stylish and well functioning thing out there.

Print Work

With a foundation in print, knowledge of regimens and limitations only available from experience is at your disposal.

UI/UX Design

Breaking down the experience of the user has always been first on the list. How a user begins and ends tells them all they need to know.


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, so can a business or an individual with the creation of brand new look starting with a logo.

Logo Design

Whether it's a rebranding or a brand new venture, it all starts with how you are going to show yourself to the world.


Amongst these great skills, there are many other things that can be done in many different ways. If it can be thought of I can make it happen.


My Process



"Let's think about what you'd like to see."

I will think of various directions in which this project will be successful. I do this by making mood boards and or showing examples of other things out there that I think would relate.



"Here are some ideas I came up with."

The ideas that I came up with will now be drawn out so it is easier to see what my mind is seeing. I will physically do this on paper or something use computer programs.



"Here is how it would look in reality."

This is taking the sketches to life, making them in real world pictures so the client can visualize my idea better. This step will show much more detail in the product as well.



"Let's take those ones you liked further."

Options are important because sometimes one will spark a different idea. Mock-ups will be taken further by showing examples which explore other fonts or colors.



"I will now work out any little kinks."

We are now close to the final product. I now go through the entire project and check for any errors or inconsistencies. Any last minute design also can happen at this point.



"it was nice working with you!"

The final project is now presented to the client and made sure of flawlessness. I warm welcome to return and a fond farewell is given.

What They Are Saying

Justin is an innovative and fast-working designer with a sharp eye for detail. Jumping into the heart of a brand, staying in line with the client style guides and providing fresh, innovative perspectives was very helpful in developing a design layout ready for coding. Justin was responsible for taking brainstormed ideas and making them a reality. Great communication skills and works really well in team environments.
Haleh - Immersive Youth Marketing
As lead designer at AtomicPages LLC, Justin has been held responsible for branding our clients through logo and web design. Justin is very prompt and organized with the work he accomplishes. But foremost his intuitive and creative style has worked well with all of our design clients. With minimal direction, Justin is capable of bringing a brand to life from scratch. He is also a very gracious and appreciative individual, making him very easy to work with in the office.
Anthony - AtomicPages LLC.
Justin is the kind of person that you want to work along side to meet a certain goal. Not only does he approach everything with passion and drive, but he does it with a smile on his face. He tends to raise to challenges and during my time working with Justin he helped lead by example the team around him. He shared great insights and learns to make sure that he was sharing with his team and helping them be successful as well. Justin would be an asset to anyone who gets the pleasure of working with him.
Kristina - Apple Inc.
Excellent communicator, detailed knowledge of field, creates ironclad designs. Couldn’t ask for anyone better!
Dennis - AtomicPages LLC.
Justin is so creative, listened to exactly what I wanted and completed my request at a timely manner.
L.V. Castro - Odineva Events + Design


I'm sure if you asked them. They'd feel the same way.

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